Old white guys announce Māori are too privileged

A new group named after a former governor has come out swinging this week launching a campaign against what it says is the special treatment for Māori.

Hobson’s Pledge, named after the former governor William Hobson, is headed by former National Party leader Don Brash.

“Even though I look like an antique pigskin wallet,” Brash told a packed crowd of other old white dudes, “people loved my Orewa speech. It was important to scrape the surface and uncover that racism we all know us there.”

Let’s all be equal!

Dr Brash said it was important to remember that even though Māori were the first here, and even though they signed the Treaty of Waitangi to protect their property rights and then had much of their property confiscated, and this dispossession has led to a miriad of other issues, they’ve had it pretty good.

Dr Brash was adamant.

“We need to ensure that everybody in New Zealand is treated equally under the law so me and my rich mates don’t have to pay as much tax.”

Brash signed off the gathering by denying he’d paid as much tax as Trump since 1986.


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