Racist rich person: “I’m not racist”

Racist star of the joke reality show Real Housewives of Auckland Julia Stone is demanding an apology from the Race Relations Commissioner after Dame Susan Devoy called her a racist last week following her use of a racist term to describe a fellow cast member during a show.

The Human Rights Commission confirmed it has received a letter from Ms. Stone’s racist lawyers claiming her racist use of the racist term wasn’t racist.

The incident, featured on a recent episode of the programme showing Ms. Stone using a racist term in a racist and derogatory way, garnered international attention with various media organisation around the world reporting Ms. Stone’s racist language.

After being confirmed as hugely racist, Ms Stone went on the offensive saying the racist term she used wasn’t “that racist” because she used it all the time and because she wasn’t racist, the phrase wasn’t racist.

Ms. Stone confirmed she has called in the lawyers who will be looking to sue the Human Rights Commission for defamation for calling the racist language she used racist.

Ms. Stone’s public relations consultant Deborah Pead has pointed out, “she is concerned that her character has been vilified in a sweeping, snap judgement, based on a reality TV show. It’s important to remember if the television cameras hadn’t been there, Ms. Stone could have been casually racist as she normally is and nothing would have happened because she wouldn’t have been filmed using the racist language she loves to use.”


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