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Todd Barclay, Bill English and the OUTRAGE that is the Labour Party

This week has been an interesting week in New Zealand politics. Here at MyThinks we thought we would ask our alt-right correspondent Richard Sevenhouses to pen a few words on his thoughts. Over to you Dick.

This week started out fine. I was enjoying chardonnay under a reddening sky on the deck of one of my beach homes. Then suddenly Clutha-Southland MP and everyone’s favourite twelve-year-old Todd Barclay got into a bit of strife after it emerged he’d left his phone on the table next to an electorate worker accidentally on purpose.

Now, yes he has denied this for a year or so, and yes, the Prime Minister has known about it for just as long and yes, the PM confirmed he had made a statement to police saying Barclay had told him there was a recording after initially saying he couldn’t remember and yes, Barclay then confirmed Bill English’s story that he had told English there was a recording when he’d been denying it all along.

This issue got all the political editors frothing at the mouth but at the end of the day the only people who care about this are those political junkies in the Aro Valley beltway and a couple of far-left Twitters. Nobody else, particularly me and my old mate Hosking, give a flying hooha about this. If you go up to the man on the street and ask him whether he cares about honest Bill English being a liar they’ll tell you they don’t. I’d stake my high-rise investment apartments on it.

Then we have the absolute horror of the Labour Party bringing in a bunch of slaves to work in a call centre doing their dirty work. This is absolutely outrageous. If I was one of those interns and I’d been flown halfway around the world for free and given the opportunity to have a unique cultural experience for free and then been given the chance to gain valuable life and work experience for free, I’d be absolutely gutted as well.

The Labour Party should be ashamed of themselves for not only creating this mess in the first place but having the audacity to own up to it and start dealing with the problem straight away.

Why not sweep it under the carpet for a year and hope no-one finds out? That’s what a real political organisation would do.

Goodbye and enjoy your weekend.

Labour: The House that I Built

Hello and greetings to you all. I am the Labour Party’s spokesperson on housing issues. There have been many housing issues recently and I wanted to talk about some of them.

Firstly, even though we have dropped the capital gains tax idea, we firmly believe that this might, or might not, reign in the rampant Auckland property market. Whether this policy makes it into law really does depend on whether the media keep giving us a hard time about it. Sometimes we think the media are unfair with their criticism, especially when they are criticising us.

Secondly, I was lucky enough to come into possession of some pretty startling figures on foreign-sounding people buying up New Zealand houses. We’ve done a bit if computer work and chucked some names on my list through the Commodore 64 at Labour HQ and I can tell you it makes pretty startling reading. Over 90% of Auckland home buyers have foreign-sounding names or names that are hard for me to say. There are but a small percentage with indigenous-sounding names like Iti or Paora or Henare.

Imagine having a foreign-sounding name AND being able to go out and buying a house.

This is startling.

What kind of world are we living in here? Some kind of tin-pot dictatorship?

This is startling.

I have hardly any houses so it concerns me that people are buying houses. What are the National government doing about it? Nothing. They are just making it easier for people with no houses to buy houses by going out there and showing people where there aren’t houses and telling them there should be houses there or something.

How can foreign-sounding people be allowed to own kiwi-sounding houses?

Mind you… people outside Auckland would probably like some capital gain on their house. Or jobs and stuff? Maybe we should let the market run? Perhaps I should spend time on that instead of trying to get votes back off Winston…?


It is safe to say before the election last month I was fairly prolific in the blogosphere as we headed to an election. Was it because there was a glimmer of hope for we on this side of the coin? I don’t know. I don’t have the money to poll thousands of people a week to check whether or not the lies I’m peddling are being believed because a compliant and unquestioning media is utterly compliant and totally unquestioning.

What we have now is three more years. Three more years of John Key and his band of brothers and sisters. Three more years of dirty politics. Oh… don’t worry… they’ve given up on the Blubber Oil style of doing things. You only have to listen to John Key during his ridiculous additions to parliamentary question time when he acts like all those dicks I hated at secondary school. When questioned about, say, breaches to the Official Information Act which are totally illegal, he might say something like, “well at least I don’t have stupid hair like the member opposite.”

Of course, our dear prime minister has never actually said those exact words – it’s the sentiment I’m talking about. Rather than argue the point and back up whatever action he is being questioned on with evidence supporting his point of view he just abuses the person questioning him.

You know when Key has nothing to support his argument, policy or party when he starts the schoolboy name-calling. That’s the National Party’s default. They just can’t help themselves. That is ultimately how Blubber Oil got to where he is today – by taking the National Party modus operandi to the ultimate extreme.

If you disagree with me I destroy you with lies, half-truths and inane bullshit. Because I’m a journalist.

The main reason I’ve been quiet for the last month or so is the utter desolation I feel towards the current situation. Do 50% or so of New Zealanders really believe that John Key is just the bees knees? Why? Probably because the other option is just a joke.

Labour was the joke option. Nobody believed anything they had to offer. And as Labour are the ‘leaders’ of their side of the house that means our side of the house is also the joke option.

All this means I am very unmotivated to crank out the opinions. I have writer’s block. I’m blocked by the fact that dirty politics is winning and progressive ideals are being rejected by the electorate in favour of a guy who “sounds like me” and gives a good selfie.

For me, at the present time, politics just makes me go, “meh.”

Would the real National Party please stand up

This election campaign is turning into a joke. National, through John Key and to a lesser extent Steven Joyce, appear to be telling us either not to believe emails people from their side wrote or that somehow a smear campaign involves the release of actual emails actually written by actual National Party people. Smears usually involve lies, not truths. That’s called accountability. Their deny-everything-at-all-costs-in-the-hope-it-goes-away strategy has lasted a week and a half. How long can it go on? I’m sure @whaledump will tell us.

When I’m teaching I’m always asking my kids to take responsibility for their actions. You made that choice, you have to live with the consequences. Blaming this mystical “Left” for everything is a total cop-out. You wrote the emails. Man up.

Now that that’s out of the way I wanted to let you all know of the single most disturbing thing that has happened during this election campaign. I know you’re all probably thinking what is there something MORE disturbing a secret agenda to use right-wing blogs to discredit political opponents while outwardly exhibiting an “I’m-above-all-that-nonsense” facade?

Last week NZEI voted overwhelmingly to reject the government’s Investing in Educational Sycophants policy. As a large group made up of thousands of teaching professionals we have decided that this policy stinks. We know in our hearts that $350 million would be much better spend at the bottom end of education – the coal face – where it is needed most for special needs, reading recovery, quality PD for teachers, etc, etc, etc. The list is actually endless and would require billions if it were to be done properly.

Of course, the Prime Minister in his infinite wisdom, has declared the NZEI rogue. We are, it turns out, playing politics during an election. This statement requires some unpicking. The man who has, for the last six years, allegedly run a sophisticated behind-the-scenes “black ops” campaign allegedly using the SIS allegedly for political gain, is telling teachers they’re playing politics? The man and party who have made a career out of secretly playing politics are levelling similar accusations toward teachers. All we are guilty of (and we’re not, that’s just a turn of phrase) is telling the National Party we don’t believe a management system enforced by a right-wing government keen to impose education policies that have failed in Sweden, the USA and the UK, is in the best interest of our students. Apart from all this, isn’t an election EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME TO BE PLAYING POLITICS? What we should shut up until the election is finished? What an utterly preposterous thought.

National are now using the George W Bush catch-cry made so popular after Saddam Hussein bombed the World Trade Centre in 2001 – you’re either with us or against us. You either believe in our policy or you are educational terrorists.

Thanks for the vote of confidence and high trust model.

If you want proof of what John Key really thinks of teachers, watch this item from OneNews last night. Fifty seconds in to the item he is reading off a prepared statement. This obviously means he wants to get the words exactly right, otherwise he would be doing the usual making it up as he goes along routine to appear relaxed in a say what I like kind of way. Here’s what he says:

A branch of the Labour Party – the NZEI – were against this initiative from the start, despite working with Labour on a very similar policy.

He then goes on to say he doesn’t want to enforce the policy on the sector, but he may have to.

Consider just last week Hekia Parata was saying on the Nation that the policy was optional and schools would not have to be involved if they didn’t want to (4:30 in to the debate).

What has changed?

I’ll tell you what’s changed. National have been the bad guys for a week and a half and now they want someone else to have a turn. Enter teachers.

And so it continues.

The most important point in all this? According to the Nation survey results highlighted before the Parata / Hipkins debate, over half of New Zealanders (52%) support Labour’s policy of improving teacher ratios. 40% of people are going for National’s policy.

I trust parents to understand who is actually playing politics with education.

Mr B.









The Prime Minister responds again

Hello there.

I just wanted to spend some time to respond to some of the baseless accusations that have been flying around this week.

First of all, Labour need to be ashamed about the way they have behaved. They have turned this campaign dirty by hiring Nicky Hager to write a fake book full of outright lies. At the end of the day it’s clear to me, and to all New Zealanders who care about the issues, that the left are running a smear campaign against National. The left are publishing lies day after day after day. Lies they have stolen from hacked emails. Hacked emails that we wrote.

Second, New Zealanders don’t care about this. New Zealanders care about the important issues to New Zealanders. New Zealanders don’t want to hear negative smears from a negative party. They care more that the Greens, for example, have absolutely no idea about running the country and wear tin-foil hats and just want to tax the shirts of your back. They care that Labour are going to reach into your property portfolio or secret trust and take money to pay for the healthcare and education that you use. They care that Internet Mana are nothing more than an electoral plaything for a nasty German pirate and his evil henchmen who want to steal democracy from New Zealanders. At the end of the day, those are the issues that matter to New Zealanders, not negative politics.

Thirdly, the polls say people think I’m awesome. If you look at the polls we are the kings of the world – particularly me. Labour are not focused on the issues that matter. Apart from education, housing, tax, health, the economy, power, the cost of living, the Christchurch rebuild, Auckland transport, regional development, the environment, Best Start for children, and many, many others, Labour are yet to release any policy at all. All they want to do is play the man, not the ball. It’s clear to me that New Zealanders care about the issues that matter to New Zealanders, not some random beltway issue based on

If Labour and the left want to play that kind of game I say bring it on. Hit me with your best shot. At the end of the day, I’m prepared to testilie under oath to clear my name. It’s that simple.