About Me

I’ve been looking around the other blogs and the various writers out there tend to have a small portion of information about themselves. In light of that sentence, here is my information.

I’m a primary school teacher who used to be a comedian. My views are totally from my own head and are not representative of any place of work past or present. Mostly MyThinks were formulated while I was at university during the early 1990s in reaction to Dr Lockwood Smith, the education minister of the time. I also believe Jenny Shipley’s brief time as “Most Useless PM Ever” may have played some part in developing my guiding principles.


This, usually satirical blog, seeks to identify and lampoon various aspects of the current governing coalition – a word I use in its broadest possible sense. A coalition of 60-odd then then two other guys from different parties… what a joke.

Lapdogs aside, comments are welcome. The usual rules of taste and decency apply.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Enjoyed your blog re Hekia shared on Save our schools so thought I would check this out. I too was at university in the early 90s and one of my favourite memories is travelling by bus to protest outside a hall in which Lockwood Smith was speaking. It was in Hamilton and as we shouted and demanded that the minister show himself and talk to us, he climbed out of a back window and disappeared. We hopped back on the bus to return to uni, just a wee bit chuffed that we were that scary!


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