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Nick Smith explains his policy after triumphant midweek announcement

Hello and good afternoon on this fine kiwi afternoon in the afternoon. My name is Nick Smith and I am a minister. I’m not just any minister though. No. I’m Minister for the Environment. That’s a pretty big task when you think about all of the environment out there. There is loads of it and I am the minister. 

Anyway… enough about me. Let’s talk about the environment that I’m the minister of.

This week, next to a West Auckland creek, I and my government announced plans to make 90% of our waterways swimmable by the time I’ve been dead for 17 years. Unfortunately there has been some confusion regarding the announcement and I wish to just clarify a few things about it.

Some people are actually suggesting that the government is just paying lipservice to this plan because we are not going to test all of the rivers and waterways around New Zealand. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes it is true that we are not testing some waterways that kiwis might swim in but that doesn’t mean we aren’t serious. We are deadly serious.

I could definitely swim in that!

I’m not explaining myself very well. If we target 90% of rivers to be swimmable by the year 2040 we have to start measuring. We can measure everything so let’s say we measure 10% of our waterways at the start. 90% of that 10% isn’t very big so we’ve taken the 90% figure and just repeated it a lot because it makes us sound like we’re doing something. 

When people say we aren’t aiming for 90% that is just plain false. I myself have said the words ninety and percent hundreds of times in the past week. So it must be true.

Please get in touch if you are still confused by me or anything associated with me.

Nick Smith is minister in the National government with responsibilities for the Environment and Making Overly Grand Announcements that Quickly Fall Apart Under Any Level of Scrutiny. 

National Party release infographic on housing

The National Party are buzzing today following the release of an infographic highlighting their move to deal with some of the challenges in the housing market.

The infographic, which details the number of dwelling consents issued in the year to September, has poured cold water over Labour’s plan to build thousands of new houses right across New Zealand.

“Nearly 30,000 consents is a massive number,” trumpeted Housing Minister Dr. Nick Smith using his well-worn mouth trumpet, “and all Labour have done is released a bit of paper saying what they’ll do. Our policies have produced 30,000 bits of paper. It’s those bits of paper that are going to protect hard-working kiwis from the elements.”

National have promised to release many more infographics in the coming days and weeks.

Nick Smith: There is NO crisis

MyThinks has been fielding many questions about Nick Smith.

  • “What’s happening with housing?”
  • “Does Nick Smith know anything about any of his policy areas?”
  • “Why does he look so shifty when he’s telling us what we should think?”

These are all fantastic questions, none of which we are going to answer here. Instead, MyThinks is giving Dr Smith a platform to outline his vision for the homeless people of New Zealand. 

Hello New Zealand.

Nick Smith, Doctor of Landslides

    Nick Smith, Doctor of Landslides

Look. There has been plenty of talk over the last couple of weeks or months about a so-called “housing crisis.” We all know that this is a complete load of nonsense. Just ask any of those National Party members of parliament who own a houses. There is absolutely no crisis.

A crisis happens when a hurricane hits or some disease wipes out a whole bunch of people.

You know, I remember back to my childhood when I was little. My parents used to take us away to various places around the country. We camped in tents and caravans. One time we even built our own bivvy out of sticks and a large tarp that Dad stole off one of the neighbours. These were some of the best days of my life. The best. I think back on those days with so much fondness. What a wonderful bunch of experiences my parents gave me.

And that’s what we are seeing here in New Zealand at the moment. Families around the country are having all these amazing and exciting adventures as they travel up and down the country looking for a place to rest for the night. They aren’t having a crisis, they’re having and experience.

If there’s a crisis of anything, it’s a crisis of fun.

(I’d also like to point out that, in the unlikely event that a New Zealand family gets down on their luck, WINZ are happy to step up and loan them up to $100,000 or more to stay in one of the many fantastic motels around the country. I used to love staying in motels when I was little. Imagine that… living in a motel on loaned money. Golden moments of family living.)

So, the next time you hear Andrew Little or Metiria Turei or some other hippy talking about the housing crisis that National caused, remember this: people in Africa would love to have a car roof over their heads.

Happy adventuring New Zealand and good luck in the budget, suckers.

Nick Smith, Doctor of Landslides.