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K’Ching – show them the money

It is with great joy and immense happiness that I announce the National Party are planning to give all aged care workers a pay rise. It’s not just any pay rise. Nooooo…. this is much bigger than any pay rise that anybody has ever gotten in the history of pay rises.

Let’s just break down some 0f the figures shall we…?





National Party Infographic

I’m sick of the National Party cluttering up my twitter feed with useless infographics. They seem to have a lot more than any of the other parties (although maybe I just notice them more because of the throat/bile scenario).

It came to a head yesterday when I was reminded of their trumpeting of the fall in crime numbers when, in actual fact, those numbers had been massaged and finessed by the same political pressures that didn’t influence the Kim Dotcom case. 

Political parties: don’t bother trying to wow me with pretty pictures. Just get some policy out there so I can judge you on what you stand for, not how well your graphics department / PR consultants can whip up a pretty picture.

Here it is:

National Infographic