David Seymour speaks about stuff

Hello there everybody. I’ve been asked by Mr Thinks to come on his blog today and speak my mind about stuff.

The government has a lot to answer for. I was sitting there last week as Auckland came out of it’s latest lockdown and I knew the government was making a serious mistake. They didn’t know all of the facts. They didn’t know where all of the cases were coming from. They didn’t know mucht. And there they were. Removing restrictions on movement before they knew, really, what was going on. It was a complete shambles. A complete and utter shambles. They should have stayed in lockdown for longer until they were absolutely certain about the sources of the cases, where the chain of transmission was happening, and where it might be going next.

And another thing… what… the alert levels have risen again? Auckland’s gone to level 3? But I’m halfway through a rant. How am I meant to… I’ve just said…. so I should contradict…. but won’t that make me look… alright then.

Hello again. The latest move in alert levels makes a nonsense of the whole system. The government is moving way too early into lockdown. It doesn’t know all of the facts. Why should Aucklanders face some ridiculous decisions being made way down in Wellington? Businesses will suffer. People will suffer. I will suffer. From a lack of media coverage.

This lockdown is just another example of how the government can’t make up its mind. They need to make a call and stick with it. Not swap and change to different ways of thinking at the drop of a hat.

They shouldn’t have come out of lockdown and they shouldn’t be going back into lockdown.

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