Analysis of an Election – Aaaarghghgh! What happened????

With a week or so gone since the catastrophic election result for the National Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, MyThinks have set the team to work to come up with their hot takes on what has caused the previous all powerful party of government to collapse under the weight of a million leaks. We have secured a number of off- and on-the-record comments from party insiders as they lament over National’s biggest loss since John Key left parliament and they had no idea what to do next. 

The hardest bit was putting up all our billboard, then having to take them down again and put up a whole lot of new billboards. That took, like, forever. I’m a very busy man. I don’t have forever.

Nick Smith, (former) Nelson MP

Nick Smith gets drilled in the face by a local National Party volunteer while he goes to smack (former) leader Todd Muller in the head with a hammer. Classic Nick.

I knew it was the writing on the wall when I saw some writing on the wall. I walked into the office one morning and somebody had rubbed off all the plans on the whiteboard and just written up, “Gerry is a bit of a dick.” It was very hurtful.

Unnamed party source


I blame the Labour Party. If that leader of theirs, whassername, Jacinta wasn’t so gloriously beautiful and such a fantastic communicator with a solid plan and sound understanding of what the country needs in this time of crisis, then I don’t think Labour would have done nearly as well as they did. I know I wouldn’t have voted for her.

Sir Donald McDairmad – Life Member, Remuera Tractor Society


We stood on a platform of being a strong team who would be guardians of the economy. We shouldn’t have done that. We should have gone completely left field. I did have an idea that I tested out on the office wall in Nelson. It was poo-pooed by the party hierarchy. My instincts were later proven correct when that home-made billboard created more online buzz than anything the party did during the entire campaign.

Nick Smith, (former) Nelson MP

Nick Smith’s secret billboard

I was certain we’d win when our polling said we’d win. Then it didn’t. So we lost.

David Farrar, Curia International

The National Party multi-media strategy of delivering their leaflets straight into the recycling bins of wavering centerist voters may not have been the best of ideas.

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