Nick Smith has a plan!!

Hard on the heels of the Government’s plan to be pest free by the year 2040, Conservation Minister Nick Smith has announced an even bolder scheme at the start of the election campaign. 

Over the weekend, Dr. Smith called media to a field near his Nelson home for one of his trademarked unveiling of great sounding but uncosted or thought-through policies.

“We have set ourselves the ambitious target of having New Zealand completely river free by 2045,” the minister told the waiting throng of junior political reporters. 

Dr Smith near his favourite field
He went on to make the point that his policy would have the added benefit of making all New Zealand rivers swimmable.

“If there’s no water, there’s no e-coli or campylobactor,” said an excited minister, “it’s a complete win-win.”

National have promised to begin draining lowland waterways by the end of the month.


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