OECD and PISA – some twitter thoughts

Last night this tweet appeared in my feed…


So, of course, I replied…

And I replied to that one as well…


…because we all know what’s going to happen. Either we will go up or go down depending on who else goes up or down and where we are on the table. Certain countries will remain at the top because of top-loading their students for the testing season (except Finland, who will remain high despite their total rejection of the reformy types leading the educational charge across Western civilisation).

Then, when I awoke this morning, I started thinking about the time they released the last PISA results three years ago. Other thinks popped into my head…


Yes… Plausible Values… those values that replace missing values in a plausible way… that’s right… completely made up values that go in places where values should be but aren’t (for whatever reason).


Turns out, it’s a legit statistical thing (click pic for link).


I decided it was time to point out we were in the 21st century (click tweet pic for the full report from The Economist).


I thought I’d better back myself up, so I tweeted…


Then, bordering on trolling, I finished with:


As an educational thinker / ranter from way back, I will be very interested in how the National Party spin the New Zealand results in PISA when they are released (in 2012, the report was released in December, so it shouldn’t be too far away).

Remember… I called it first. If we drop in any way, the National Party will call this “just one result” or say things like “we have plenty of things in place blah blah etc.” But if we rise by the slightest amount, listen to them crow like a drunk All Black fan. There will be much back patting and high-fiving in the Beehive and I’m certain Hekia will trumpet her success from the ninth floor with a grand fanfare.

My final thinks: I doubt very much we will rise. The United Kingdom, the US and Sweden, all proponents of the global reform movement currently sit 23rd, 24th and 36th in reading respectively. In 2000 they were 8th, 16th and 10th. They will argue that “more needs to be done” – that is, the reforms haven’t worked so let’s continue with the same reforms and do them some more!

Only a genius tries to get rid of a headache by smashing their face with a cricket bat.

Time will tell.


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