Government announces bulk announcements

Today the government added to its list of funding announcements for education. Following hard on the heels of the announcement to give principals and board more choice when choosing which teachers to hire and how much to pay them, the government today announced further announcements.

Special education funding is in for a shake up. The government has said there will be extra funding given to those “differently abled” learners who are attending early childhood education. Although this will mean a cut to funding for older children with learning needs, the government has said this won’t lead to cuts in funding anywhere, except where “financial adjustments” are required to “meet the needs of learners” who are getting “the extra cash.”

Another announcement that came to light today was a plan by Hekia Parata to offer a range of online educational services to kiwi learners right across the country. The plan, which has worked so very well in the United States, would see learners log in to an online course run by something the minister called an “edu-bot” supplied by billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates.

Ms. Parata said the online course would be “cutting edge” and offer learners a unique chance to learn from the comfort of their bedrooms whilst wearing their undies – a prospect she said would entice many kiwi teens to choose this option.


“One teacher would be able to deliver thousands of hours of learning outcomes for thousands of students,” said the feisty Education Minister, “and that would mean we would require fewer teachers to deliver the learning needs of our learning learners.”

When asked whether Ms. Parata had any idea at all about the educational needs of any New Zealand learners she confidently replied, “Like the majority of my cabinet colleagues, I was at school at one point in my life and this gives me every confidence in my own abilities to know everything there is to know about education policy and the very latest in research-based pedagogy.”


3 responses

  1. Lynette Mortimer | Reply

    This woman’s arrogance is beyond words! She ‘knows everything’ about ……unbelievable! Hekia, nobody knows everything! Definitely not you!


  2. Carol Coddington | Reply

    I remember a lecturer at teachers college once saying that people think they know all about education and learning because they went to school! Obviously this applies to Hekia just like we should know all about being a doctor because we have been to them! I am very disappointed in her comments.


  3. You’ve got to be kidding me?! Surely no one is this ignorant and in charge of a government body or funding? Especially education?


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