Think Tank calls for new doctor training scheme

The right-wing think tank The Kiwiblog Initiative has called on the government to radically overhaul the way it trains its doctors.

Hard on the heels of the success of the teacher training scheme Teach First, which puts university graduates through a four-day online course before placing them in a South Auckland school, The Kiwiblog Initiative is calling on the government to set up a new training program for kiwi doctors.

Called Doct First, the programme would take high performing graduates out of the private sector and put them through a three-week intensive, after which they would be given a white coat, a stethoscope and a bag full of shiny new cutty things and be sent off to the provinces to hack away at the bunions of NZ First voters.

“We have been waiting too long for this kind of innovation,” says Kiwiblog Initiative chief thinker Carrick Farrer, “New Zealand is falling short in a range of OECD health statistics. Doct First would give this government an opportunity to change those statistics.”

When it was pointed out that perhaps having a heart surgeon train on the job might not the best idea for improving those statistics, Carrick said people were looking for “change” and “choice” in their health service and this change was “pretty choice.”

When asked about this proposal the Medical Council referred us to this Gif:



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