I’m David Seymour and I back education

MyThinks was interested after hearing some commentary from ACT Leader David Seymour recently. We thought it was important that we gave this young go-getter some further column inches. What the world needs is more politicians commenting on issues.

Some things make me sad. Sick puppies or mum and dad taking my smartphone away. But the thing that makes me the mostest saddestest is the teaching unions. All they ever do is moan and complain about our ideas. These unions are made up of thousands of members, many with years of training and experience behind them. What on earth do they know about the educational needs of our children?

I mean, who would you rather trust deciding on educational policy as it relates to your children? These “people” with their “training” and “professionalism” or someone who’s been a member of parliament for over two years? I know who I’d choose.

Today I want to talk about Global Funding. This initiative is a chance for schools to have the freedom to spend money on what they want. The unions are concerned that this will somehow lead to an increase in class sizes. I, however, don’t see how this can happen.


I’m holding my phone in my hand & I’m about to press it

Say you’re a principal with some money to spend. You have a choice to spend it on paying a teacher with 25 years experience or hiring a body straight out of teachers’ college so you can paint the toilet block. Sensible common sense economics suggests a very obvious solution to this dilemma – don’t hire a teacher at all. There are many, many graduates coming out of the wonderful Teach First programme who will be able to stand in front of that class of 40 kids and make sure they colour in their worksheet correctly. You don’t need a teacher with 25 years experience watching over worksheet colouring in. That’s just ridiculous.

I know when I was doing my NCEA finals last year the meanest teachers that got us to work the hardest were those who had been in the job for years. Those who just came out of university were great because they just wanted to be your mate and you’d meet them up in the common room for coffee or down the river for a smoke or whatever.

Those were the teachers I loved the best. Those are the type of teachers we need in front of our classes.

Don’t let any teaching union tell you otherwise.


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