Steven Joyce: mi casa policy es tu casa policy



Steven Joyce, the Minister for Fixing Up Nick Smith’s Mess, has today slammed the comprehensive housing policy released by Labour over the weekend. Mr. Joyce, who has a vast knowledge across a multitude of portfolios, has said the Labour Party plan is completely unworkable.

“What they’ve done is incomprehensible, incomplete, inept and barking mad,” said Mr. Joyce.

“They are going to spend $2 billion to build millions of affordable homes. Where is this money coming from? The magic money pixies? What if they can’t find the money? What will they do then? Head off to the photocopier to print more?”

Mr. Joyce’s was withering in his criticism of Labour’s plan to stop taking dividends from Housing New Zealand.

“It’s just ridiculous. You can’t go around letting State-owned enterprises reinvest their profits into double glazing, insulation and new house builds. It just doesn’t make sense.”

“And by the way,” he said, “National is already doing all these things anyway. So suck on that.”



One response

  1. LOL.

    And he is most competent of the National puppets?


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