$1 billion dollars

We in the National Party pride ourselves on our record of sound financial management, growth, jobs and blaming Labour.

What better way to celebrate our conference weekend than by releasing a policy that makes us look like where doing something about housing.

Remember: there is nothing currently wrong with housing in New Zealand. It’s all fine. There is absolutely nothing we need to be doing.

So here’s what we’re going to do. Quite simply we are planning to kickstart the massive infrastructure build that is required to increase the supply of housing to deal with the housing supply issues that are definitely not our fault.


1 billion dollars

We are going to make $1 billion available for councils to borrow to build the roads we need to build all the houses. The councils will be able to borrow the money off us and pay it back at a later date. This is very clever economic management from your National Party. That’s how neoliberal economic theory – borrow now and pay back later when you’re out of office.

We are confident that this plan will deal with any perceived problems there might be in and around housing that aren’t our fault.

Remember: it’s not a crisis if we don’t call it one.


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