Yet another apology to Ms. Bennett

Earlier on today MyThinks published a second apology to National Party cabinet minister Paula Bennett. In that apology we apologised for suggesting certain things about Ms. Bennett that were untrue. A major part of that apology was highlighting how we had offended Ms. Bennett by repeating a great deal of text from the first apology.

With the benefit of hindsight, and a threatening email from Crown Law, MyThinks now realises repeating offending remarks over and over again while linking to them through various hyperlinks contained within the post to other, more libelous posts, could be construed as offensive in itself. Tagging our posts with certain satirical phrases my have also, inadvertently, repeated the implied allegations that Ms. Bennett is flamboyant with the truth.

We here at MyThinks are just a small backyard operation made up of kiwi mums and dads. We aren’t in any position to take on the litigious might of the New Zealand National Party. We get our legal advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau and our groceries are all Home Brand. That’s what being a middle class New Zealander is all about.

Again, we apologise unreservedly to Ms. Bennett. Sorry for implying you have a disregard for the facts by satirising how you misrepresented the events of last week.



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