Another apology to Ms. Bennett

Earlier on today MyThinks published an apology to National Party cabinet minister Paula Bennett regarding a satirical post written and posted on Saturday the 18th of June, 2016.

In the past half hour we have been re-contacted by Ms. Bennett’s staff who have reported to us they are not to happy with the apology that was issued. They have said Ms. Bennett is not happy with some of the content in that other post.

In our apologetic post we quoted several lines from the original post:

You know, the thing that really gets in my craw, the most hurtful thing, is the fact the opposition have been calling me a liar. It’s so outrageous it’s laughable. I am not a liar. I never lie. I have never lied in all my years as a National Party politician. Never. Not once. I have only ever told the complete and utter truth. And the truth is this: I don’t lie. Ever.

We also had the phrase Ms. Bennett is a liar or similar printed in bold and dotted throughout the post.

It has been brought to our attention by Ms. Bennett’s staff that copying the above paragraph into the post and repeating the phrase Ms. Bennett is a liar throughout, we could effectively be implying once again that Ms. Bennett is untruthful, misleading or has a liberal interpretation of the concept of truth.

Once again, MyThinks apologises to Ms. Bennett. Our apology was a genuine attempt to apologise and if our apology offended Ms. Bennett in any way, we are truly sorry.

It won’t happen again.


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