An apology to Ms. Bennett

Yesterday morning the MyThinks blog published a short post in which we satirised the situation faced this week by National Party cabinet minister Paula Bennett. In the post we hilariously suggested that Ms. Bennett was a fragile person who was struggling to come to terms with the current self-inflicted malaise she found herself in. We implied, through innuendo, that Ms. Bennett may be a liar because she was a National Party politician. We said:

You know, the thing that really gets in my craw, the most hurtful thing, is the fact the opposition have been calling me a liar. It’s so outrageous it’s laughable. I am not a liar. I never lie. I have never lied in all my years as a National Party politician. Never. Not once. I have only ever told the complete and utter truth. And the truth is this: I don’t lie. Ever.

After being contacted by her office late last evening we now agree with their assessment of the situation. On no occasion during the last week did Ms. Bennett lie, tell fibs or mislead in any way. We agree with her office representative that Ms. Bennett has worked tirelessly this week not lying to members of the media, people she has met with, or New Zealanders as a whole.

To suggest Ms. Bennett is a liar besmirches not only her reputation but the reputation of all National Party MPs past, present and future.

MyThinks apologises for the suggestion that Ms. Bennett is a liar. To imply otherwise is simply misleading and utterly unprofessional.

We are now also under police investigation.

Thank you and good day.


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