Dunne: “I’m Hilarious”

Hello. Peter “Mister Hilarity” Dunne here.

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that I broke the law by speeding. Twice. In one day.

I sniggered through my stand-up in parliament suggesting to the waiting media that this was the biggest scandal in the history of New Zealand politics.

I sniggered. I smirked. I giggled.

Truth be known, it has been some time since I was featured this heavily in the news. The sniggering and what not was a wee ploy to get more people talking about #PlanetDunne. I mean who doesn’t enjoy some hard-hitting comedy shot straight from the hip?

Thinking… thinking… if I just keep thinking I’m bound to come up with a witty retort sooner or later

It seems to be working. My twitter feed is brimming with notifications – some of which aren’t abusive.

We’re having an election next year and it turns out I am relevant after all.

That’s Dunne done.*


*comedy gold right there


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