Some more thinks on corruption: an apology

Yesterday, during a short piece about possible corruption and dodgy dealings within the National Party of New Zealand, MyThinks suggested that all anybody had to do to get anything from them was to set up some kind of crowd funding scheme whereby a whole lot of cash was raised and donated to the National Party, and then there was some kind of quid pro quo in return.

Senior National Party prople have been in contact with us and it turns out it is far more complicated than we first thought.

Sure you can give them a whole bunch of cash and they’re likely to do stuff for you. However, they aparantly have this thing called the Old Boys Network which is essentially a vast network of rich, old white guys. This network has no need for large envelopes of cash in the traditional sense. It turns out they just ask the National Party to do stuff and they will do it.

It appears for many National MPs,  life after parliament might also be important.

MyThinks unreservedly apologises to the National Party for suggesting they will only change policy or take action against something if money changes hands in some way. We are truely sorry of this lack of insight caused any offence.


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