A few thinks on corruption

With everyone jumping up and down this week about corruption in the delightful resort nation of Niue, MyThinks thought it was important to point out a few things that have been missing from the discourse.

The implication that by somehow giving the National Party $100,000 and then receiving a large resort management contract makes Earl Hagaman or Murray McCully or the National Party corrupt is just plain wrong.

We are in New Zealand people, not Italy, Africa or any other country. Those countries, where dealings like this take place all the time, are utterly corrupt. New Zealand isn’t.

Paying money to the ruling political party to win a highly sought after contract isn’t corrupt. It’s just clever business.

The other thing to remember is the minister responsible – Murray McCully – would have to have some kind of history of doing this sort of thing for people to see it as corrupt. Wouldn’t he?

I don’t know about you guys, but if I wanted a change of policy or some kind of action on something (like obesity, the housing crisis, inequality, or my missing knighthood) my first port of call would be to raise a few hundred thousand and give it to them right away. After all, with National, money seems to talk louder than 25,000 people marching up Queen Street.

These people should have dumped a gold coin into a bucket - they could have raised thousands for National.

I suppose you could either go down the crowd-funding route or just threaten pull out of New Zealand altogether. I’m pretty sure that’s how Warner Bros. got their employment law changes through.

Anyway… there’s a few things to think about this weekend.


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