Health Minister eats healthy health food

Jonathan Coleman hit out at critics in Dunedin this week by chowing down on a delicious hospital meal. The dinner – a pasta bolognaise sauce made with the finest HomeBrand ingredients – was hoovered up by the hungry minister.

Despite the fact media were excluded from the feast and no video was taken of the minister actually eating, MyThinks has obtained some actual pictures. They clearly show a ravenous Dr. Coleman dipping his fork excitedly in a full plate of “pasta surprise” and another showing an empty platter thus proving beyond any doubt that he did, in fact, eat all of the food.

“This staged media event from which the media was excluded and then provided with pictures taken by our own cellphones has shown this Dunedin Hospital meal to be both nutritious and food-like,” Dr. Coleman told us before quickly checking if any of the camera people were Bradley Ambrose.


Yum Yum in my Tum!


Look! It's all gone... and that kiwifruit was there in the first picture


2 responses

  1. The minister also transformed an apple into a kiwifruit with his ministerial powers.


  2. but he doesn’t like butter , he’s a complex character , smoking butter avoiding health minister ,


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