Parata: all schools to close

Hekia Parata has announced all schools around New Zealand are to close.

The Education Minister made the announcement this week at a conference looking at the future of teaching and learning.

“Schools are very disruptive places,” Ms. Parata told the audience, “and we need to ensure that disruptions don’t impact on the learning of our children.”

The minister outlined how schools can be disrupted by weather events, earthquakes, cyclones, extreme heat or cold, lockdowns, break-ins, arson, bomb threats, payroll requirements, professional learning, assessment, school trips, student and teacher illness, fallen trees, power cuts, and wild animal attacks.

“I think it prudent we close all schools,” said Minister Parata, “to prevent any disruption to New Zealand learners.”

When asked how not attending a learning institution would impact on the learning outcomes of learners, Ms. Parata pointed out that she didn’t have all the answers because she was just a minister.


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