Family First concerned about toilets

Today is a sad day for New Zealand children. We at Family First are shocked to hear that schools around the country are wanting to install unisex toilets when they are undertaking new builds.

This both shocks and appals us.

What happened? Which PC Nazi in the Ministry of Education decided that our boys and girls are so much alike they should be using the same toilets? Or that boys who think they’re girls should be catered to because, is you ask me, they could technically use both.

This is a disgrace.

Boys and girls are different. So, so different. Boys are a bit smelly and dirty and like playing rugby and climbing trees. All this activity can really affect their aim. The last thing they need when they run in off the field is to be trying to aim their dingalings at a tiny body of water in the fawaway depths of a porcelain bowl. They need a long trough-based wall to go against. That’s a fact.

Girls, on the other hand, like to play with dollies and dance and sing songs about ponies and fairies. They need their own toilet. The last thing they want is to be sharing their toilets with smelly boys.

Boys and girls are different and need to be able to go wee-wees in different toilets. Think about it… when God made Adam and Eve, he gave them separate toilets. Not initially. No… back in those days toilets were actually small bushes or tree trunks or baby mammals. Toilets weren’t invented until a bit later on. But God did expect Adam and Eve to use separate bushes at opposite ends of Garden of Eden. That’s also a fact.

All schools should have a boys toilet and and a girls toilet just like there was in the Garden of Eden.

The end.

by Bob.


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