A retraction: There are no plans for a new laws for our spy agencies

Last evening MyThinks posted a short satirical blog entitled, Spies to get more powers.

In this item we said:

Cullen’s plan is to have one single sentence covering all our spy agencies.

New Zealand agencies, the GCSB and the SIS, can spy on anyone they like at any time with no need for a warrant.

Sir Michael says this will clear up any of the confusion surrounding the previous legislation.

Earlier this afternoon our office server was hacked and a message was simultaneously posted on all our screens. It said simply:

There is absolutely no intention to change the legislation regarding the Government Communications Security Bureau or the Security Intelligence Service. This is something neither the SIS or the GCSB have asked for, and it something neither of us want. To imply that they are going to change the law to avoid “confusion” over current legislation is just plain nonsense. All the actions of the both the GCSB and the SIS are covered by significant pieces of long-standing legislation which have absolutely no bearing on our day-to-day operations. Thank you.

We apologise for any confusion our confusing post about the confusing legislation caused.


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