Joyce, Joyce baby

Well this week my voice has been a lot shriller, and for good reason. There I was on Sunday morning reading the comedy offerings of Rodney Hide when who should thrust themselves onto my twitter feed? Bloody angry Andy. Free tertiary study for all! What an absolute joke. Who needs free tertiary study these days? My waitress? She’s doing quite nicely out of our rockstar economy thank you very much.

So it falls on me to stump up some kind of defense. Two bottles of wine and a pat on the arse weren’t going to make this go away. Neither would Bill “let’s get fiscal” English. After all, he’s more dour than a Scotsman who’s walked into Briscoes on the only day of the year they weren’t having a sale.

A quick call through to Crosby and our argument was set. Everybody has full access to tertiary education now AND nobody really needs it anyway.


Again super Steve flies in to Novopay the undies off this omnishambles and BOOM I’m off to brunch with Crusher. You know, just in case.



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