Consultations on the Education Act

Discussion Document released by the Minister of Education – Rt Hon Hekia Parata

It is with great pleasure I announce the consultation period for the government review of the 1989 Education Act. It has been a long time since 1989. In that time two powerful  National-led governments have improved outcomes for many New Zealanders through visionary policies such as not measuring poverty and blaming / stealing off Labour. Now it is time for us to review the education sector – in particular the 20-year-old act that covers it.

This is YOUR chance to contribute. We’ve given everyone a great opportunity. Yes you have less than a week left and yes this is a terrible time of year if you’re a teacher or working in management, but I’m certain, if you were to take several hours out of your weekend or family time you’d be able to participate.  No problem at all. You have 72 hours to participate in the future of New Zealand education.

There are plenty of questions we can ask as well. Big questions. Exciting questions. Loaded questions.

For example, should successful schools be rewarded? A good school is a good school. They do well to improve achievement outcomes for the students in their charge. Why can we not give these guys a little bit extra. Why not some extra cash? What about a bit of bunting to brighten up the place? Some extra bikkies for morning tea? Successful schools need to be rewarded.

How do we decide on what is a successful school? Do we look at National Standards data? But how to we record that data? Using a huge computer programme funded by the taxpayer and run by some Australian outsourcing company? I mean it worked so well for Novopay. What about a giant sticker chart? When a successful school succeeds they receive a sticker. If the school gets ten stickers they get to choose a reward from Bill English’s “treasury jar.” How exciting does that sound?

Should successful schools be rewarded with more freedom? Should they be free of bureaucratic interference, you know, like multi-national companies? Should these successful schools be able to set up their own school zones causing a large number of people to clamber to the area and thus improve the values of the real estate portfolios of various National Party politicians?

These are all just ideas I’m throwing out there. Please have your say. Now you only have 71.5 hours.

Thank you and good evening.

Hekia Parata.


2 responses

  1. Are you serious Hekia? Why do you continue to make ridiculous comments like many of the above? Luckily some of us managed to get hold of the consultation information prior to your big unveiling here. Let’s hope 71.5 hrs is still enough for true NZers to have their say and let you know how the majority of us feel about what you are doing to the Education system!!!!


    1. Yes darling. I’m always very serious.


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