Some wonderings from John Key

I was in parliament the other day when it all suddenly hit me.

What if everyone thinks I’m a liar? What if the whole world thinks I’m just some kind of ponytail pulling weirdo who struggles to get out all the syllables of any word? What if people look at me and think, “hey… that guy has about as much substance as a closed-down glue factory.” What if, at the end of the day, this National government is yet another holding pattern until the next visionary injection of nation building from the great progressive thinkers of our age. What if all I’m remembered for is spending $26 million on a failed referendum nobody wanted, making a dick of myself on Letterman and allowing Murray McCully to be a minister again. But then someone passed me the latest focus group results so I stood up and offended half the population while misleading parliament.

So everything turned out ok in the end.


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