Bosses concerned about workplace layouts

Hard on the heels of the Secondary Principal’s president Sandy Pasley suggesting the government’s planned half-billion dollar investment in Innovative Learning Environments could be a massive waste of money and they should give it to her instead, the New Zealand Employers Federation has expressed its concern about the layout of some of the country’s workplaces.

Earlier today on the Paul Henry AMP advert, Pasley said many principals were concerned that the big barn-like spaces, the hallmark of every ILE she’d ever seen or heard about from other Decile 10 principals, hadn’t been researched as to whether they improve achievement.

Not to be outdone, the head of the New Zealand Employers’ Federation, Brian Nationalpartysupporter, said he was concerned that a number of workplaces were heading down the same route.

“Time and time again,” he told a lunchtime meeting with Mediaworks producers at a bar in Kingsland, “I walk into these massive open-plan workplaces where there is very little work being done. Workers are under the tables playing Minecraft or Snapchatting their friends. The other day at Dominion Breweries I saw the loading bay crew all fiddling about on Tinder. Ridiculous.”

He went on to point out that the most successful businesses were those where the workers sat silently in rows of desks while their manager paced up and down at the front of the office lecturing them on what being a “good worker” was all about.

“Open plan spaces just lead to all sorts of collaboration and innovation,” he concluded.

The lunch meeting finished at 4:45 when Mediaworks had to leave for their weekly meeting with the National Party.

One thought on “Bosses concerned about workplace layouts

  1. It sounds like Pasley’s main concern is that innovative learning spaces might require an innovative approach to teaching… how can we possibly teach our traditional subjects in the traditional way without traditional classrooms?


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