Hekia Parata and Charter Schools

Hello there everybody. I’m the Minister for Education Hekia Parata and I have something to say.

For too long those of us working here in the Beehive have been sitting here listening to you all and saying, “For goodness sake! You know absolutely nothing about what you’re talking about.”

Admittedly we don’t use such tame language when we’re talking about voters, but the sentiment remains: You have no idea.

Case in point – recently someone in the ministry asked me if I would let them compare charter school performance on the performance of public schools on National Standards.What an utterly ridiculous proposition. This low-level bureaucrat is exactly the kind of voter I hate.

Firstly, I don’t have to do anything anybody tells me. I’m a minister of the crown. I’m untouchable. Unless, of course, you are Justin Bieber, in which case I’m eminently touchable.

Secondly, charter schools have only been running since the beginning of last year. Some of them have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Others have lost half their students. How can we compare students in public schools to students who DON’T EXIST. That’s just a ridiculous suggestion. Ooohhh… check out the NCEA marks of these ghost students… idiots.

Thirdly, I don’t have to give any other points. I’ve said all I need to say.

You can get the achievement results of charter schools out of MY COLD DEAD HANDS.


Hekia Parata.


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