Charter school rewards children with “anything they want”

A charter school in West Auckland has leapt to the defence of itself after allegations it served KFC to its students.

The allegations came to light after it was confirmed that Hekia Parata had asked the ministry to investigate after parent and teacher complaints about behaviour policies, bullying, lack of cultural awareness, safety and drugs at Middle School West Auckland.

The school, set up under the ACT Party’s flagship charter school scheme, has come under fire in recent days with following the revelations.

In a short press conference held during a school trip to the Henderson mall food court, unqualified educator and brick-layer Brian Fowler, a representative from the Villa Education Trust which runs the school hit back.

“We’re just a small school trying to do right by our kids,” said Fowler, “and we are not going to stand by and listen to people with no idea tell us how to run our schools.”

“Often in West and South Auckland, where our schools are, it’s very hard to get our kids into schools, let alone behaving themselves when they get here. Our policy is simple, if they do what we want, they get a reward. If, say, a student hasn’t been turning up to school and they turn up to school then they might get a lamington. If they usually hit someone and then one day they don’t hit anyone, then we might give them some lollies or a pack of smokes.

“Occasionally a child might go a whole week without stealing a staff car so we might give them a free car.”

Fowler says the trust says it doesn’t shy away from its policy of rewarding students anything they want because it gets results.

“Students are more likely to do what you want when you give them stuff like pizza, lollies, toys, technological devices, weapons and cash.”

When asked what the school did to improve learning outcomes for students in its care, Fowler said, “I repeat, pizza, lollies, toys, technological devices, weapons and cash.”


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