Hekia Parata praises successful chartnership school

Education Minister Hekia Parata is praising successful Northland chartnership school Te Kura Hourua O Whangarei Terenga Paraoa. This week it was announced the He Puna Marama Trust which runs the kura had run so successfully it had made a surplus of over $2.5 million.

Parata, who opened the school back at the beginning of 2014 in a lavish ceremony involving dancing gorillas shipped in by private jet from Rwanda, says it is fabulous for a school to make such huge profits while only be running for such a short time.

“This is such a great result for our chartnership school programme,” said the minister, “because the surplus is such a big number.”

Earlier yesterday the minister, along with 7000 New Foundland rock lobsters, was helecoptered in to the kura by the board of trustees for a traditional crayfish burning ceremony. She was then helecoptered out for lunch before being helecoptered back in for an afternoon tea of gold-plated caviar and a glass or two of 1863 Chateau de Belvedere.

“It’s wonderful,” said Parata, “that this kura can offer so much for so little.”

The minister finished the afternoon with a bath in fresh dolphin milk – something the kura has come to be known for among the local elite – and some Kentucky-fried Kereru.


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