Me Tolley; Me Angry

Me Tolley.

Tolley not happy. Tolley not happy with current system.

Tolley officials also grumpy. Tolley officials say Tolley have to do something. Tolley confused. Tolley do things all the time. Tolley ask officials for clarification. Officials point out Tolley shouting too loudly for no reason. Tolley growl louder. Tolley wipe dribble from chin.

Tolley demand answers.

Officials go away and come back later. Give Tolley white paper. White paper full of big words. Tolley ANGRY at big words. Tolley scream at officials. Officials cower behind potted plant. Tolley get least scared official to read white paper leaving out most big words.

Tolley now want to set targets. Targets good. Targets something to aim for. Targets are measurable. Targets make Tolley happy.

Tolley now happy.

Officials less scared.

Tolley smile. Tolley wipe drool of happiness from chin. Officials leave. Tolley look out door and see Parata. Tolley HATE Parata. Parata make Tolley look foolish with nice hair and big words.

Tolley now mad again.


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