Hekia beckons men

More men in teaching.

The call has been made today by Education Minister Hekia Parata. Ms. Parata was sharing her views with Te Awamutu residents, some of whom were slightly put out by her approaches outside the McDonald’s drive-thru.

Men in teaching, good old charter schools, and how to get more special needs children removed from official government statistics were all on the menu today in the small Waikato town.

Attracting some of New Zealand’s best and brightest into teaching is the key.

“I haven’t focussed to much on whether they’re men or whether they’re women but if it is a higher-performing profession, I think that will attract more attractive men,” she said.

“I’m not going to have a quota for men. But it would be nice to see more men.”

Parata laments the fact there are so few men teaching in New Zealand.

“It’s so sad to walk into a school and see no men. Men are have so much to offer our young minds and our old eyes,” she said.

“Just once I’d like to walk into a classroom, surprise a Justin Timberlake-like teacher leading to a slight fumble with his whiteboard marker. Maybe he bends to retrieve it he perhaps lingers a little too long before turning, raising one eyebrow in an appropriately provocative manner before saying, “Yes, Minister?” in a deeply soothing and arousingly educational way. That’s my vision for New Zealand,” she said.

During her time in Waikato, Parata visited McDonald’s, Wendy’s and a dairy in Huntly.


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