Rodney Hide: They’re all after me, man…

The state apparently has me under covert investigation.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when I was followed home by some guy in a long coat and dark glasses. It was 27 degrees and cloudy.

My friends have also been summonsed by an insolvency officer. They were served and forced, against their will, to give testimony. This goes completely against our democratic right of freedom of speech and freedom of association – except for gangs and other groups that ACT don’t like.

On Thursday I emailed the PI firm. Nothing. Except that I was followed again – this time through a mall when I was out shopping with my family. I was pretty sure the guy following me was dressed in full cammo gear, or he might have been that other guy who was looking at me funny while I was in line at the KFC. I mean, what’s this all about?

I put a call in to Steven Joyce’s office. When I was leaving a message (he wouldn’t take my call) I heard clicks on the line. They’re listen to me as well.

I complained to the Privacy Commissioner and I heard nothing back. Why would the Privacy Commissioner not answer to my complaint? People following me is clearly an invasion of my privacy. I am certain this is a vendetta.

Then I went into the MBIE offices in Christchurch. I sat in the foyer for two hours. They asked me to move along. I’m just sitting there waiting for someone who never shows up and they ask me to move on. The “man” is onto me.

I can’t walk outside, talk on my phone or drive my car without being followed or listened to. Why? Why am I under investigation? They won’t tell me, yet here we are. Talking about an investigation that isn’t, people following me who aren’t, and things I’m seeing that I’m not.



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