We can only fight the scourge of domestic violence with guns. Lots of guns.

It’s almost Christmas and without doubt, irrespective of religion, almost all Kiwis will enjoy some great time with our families.

All, that is, except those whose job it is to keep us safe, or if that doesn’t work, then to patch us up.

The police.

Not the great rock and roll band that tore up my airwaves in the late 70s and early 80s. No, I’m talking about the actual police.


The police will be dealing with all manner of domestic violence cases this festive season.

The worst day is Boxing Day.

With drinking having continued through the day and night before, it’s only going to be bad for kids and bad for any parent who gets in the way of drunken violence.

This week I met with the police. All of the police. I went around hundreds of police stations literally talking to thousands of police officers. Like a modern-day unbearded, female, non-Justice Minister Santa Clause, I sat them on my knee and asked them what they would like this Christmas.

Without a doubt, all of them said this one little sentence.

“We would like some guns, please.”

That made me think, and not because I’ve been in talks with a prominent United States side-arms manufacturer, but because I really, really care for our police.

Just think of it – they’re out there every day, putting their lives on the line with hardly anything to keep them safe. All to keep them safe from perpetrators of domestic violence are stab-proof vests, tasers, years of self-defence training, guns in the boots of their cars, and Armed Offenders Squad back up.

No wonder they need more guns.

Polling by the police association shows a different feeling from front-line police.

When asked the question, “Would you like to be armed with a hand-gun OR have to attend every domestic violence call-out dressed in a $2 shop sherrif’s outfit,” 97% of frontline cops said they would like the hand-gun.

That’s a clear and present majority.

I’m saying that if there is the slightest doubt as to safety, then police must be backed to protect both themselves and the public by being able to shoot the public.

As we find from the prevention first policy around recidivist family violence offenders, there’s nothing like being prepared with a deliciously powerful sidearm and an itchy trigger finger.

Until next week, do you feel lucky? Punk?


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