It is safe to say before the election last month I was fairly prolific in the blogosphere as we headed to an election. Was it because there was a glimmer of hope for we on this side of the coin? I don’t know. I don’t have the money to poll thousands of people a week to check whether or not the lies I’m peddling are being believed because a compliant and unquestioning media is utterly compliant and totally unquestioning.

What we have now is three more years. Three more years of John Key and his band of brothers and sisters. Three more years of dirty politics. Oh… don’t worry… they’ve given up on the Blubber Oil style of doing things. You only have to listen to John Key during his ridiculous additions to parliamentary question time when he acts like all those dicks I hated at secondary school. When questioned about, say, breaches to the Official Information Act which are totally illegal, he might say something like, “well at least I don’t have stupid hair like the member opposite.”

Of course, our dear prime minister has never actually said those exact words – it’s the sentiment I’m talking about. Rather than argue the point and back up whatever action he is being questioned on with evidence supporting his point of view he just abuses the person questioning him.

You know when Key has nothing to support his argument, policy or party when he starts the schoolboy name-calling. That’s the National Party’s default. They just can’t help themselves. That is ultimately how Blubber Oil got to where he is today – by taking the National Party modus operandi to the ultimate extreme.

If you disagree with me I destroy you with lies, half-truths and inane bullshit. Because I’m a journalist.

The main reason I’ve been quiet for the last month or so is the utter desolation I feel towards the current situation. Do 50% or so of New Zealanders really believe that John Key is just the bees knees? Why? Probably because the other option is just a joke.

Labour was the joke option. Nobody believed anything they had to offer. And as Labour are the ‘leaders’ of their side of the house that means our side of the house is also the joke option.

All this means I am very unmotivated to crank out the opinions. I have writer’s block. I’m blocked by the fact that dirty politics is winning and progressive ideals are being rejected by the electorate in favour of a guy who “sounds like me” and gives a good selfie.

For me, at the present time, politics just makes me go, “meh.”


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