The 2014 election result

I have a few thoughts about the result last night. They are in no particular order so I’m just going to type them up and see how they fall.

  1. National appear to have won an outright majority despite being shown to be utterly corrupt with their constitutional machinations highlighted in Dirty Politics. Obviously New Zealand are taking John Key’s line that his massive right-wing conspiracy is actually a massive left-wing smear campaign. I suspect National and it’s allies will see this vote as an actual endorsement of how they are acting and the undermining of our constitutional conventions will continue unabated.
  2. National have succeeding in lumping Kim Dotcom in with the ‘left’ because of his association with Hone. Hone is gone, Mana is gone, and the left have not increased their vote. Dotcom is poison and a lot of people out there see him as a criminal trying to manipulate the New Zealand justice system (National are not ‘criminals’ because they haven’t been arrested yet). Labour knew this but the polling told New Zealanders they would need Mana to cross the line. People have stayed with National because of Dotcom.
  3. National were critical of Dotcom ‘buying’ the election. I wonder how many millions they have spent on their reelection. Why isn’t that considered buying an election? Because National do it?
  4. Has Labour suffered too much from trying to take out John Key? People love that millionaire banker. He’s one of them. I have absolutely no time for him but I have to admit he is one of the best politicians we have ever seen. A quietly ruthless everyman quick with the selfie and the withering schoolboy putdown of an opponent. He knows exactly how to play the game and we are all being played.
  5. Maybe New Zealanders, as a whole, are now only voting for things that affect them personally? Are we no longer that egalitarian society of fairness from the post-war baby boom generation that set John Key and his ministers up so well for their lives of success? Maybe New Zealanders no longer believe in thinking about the less fortunate? On Friday, a person I know who I thought was a bit more caring than this, suggested the ‘poor’ would have more money if they spent less on alcohol and cigarettes. I’m picking this is not an isolated feeling. It was still disappointing to hear.
  6. Labour are trying to attack Key for being this duplicitous character. However, if 50% of the public are willing to give their vote for him then they should move on to something else. As hard as it is for them not to attack someone who they see at the heart of, let’s call them questionable practices, if all of New Zealand love him then you’ll just be seen as playing the man not the ball. People won’t go over to your side because you attack the character of the leader of the other side. They will go to you when they are suffering, if they see a viable vision or if they are utterly sick of the governing party. I can’t see the latter happening any time soon.
  7. National now have a majority. They can do anything they want. Anything. Watch out if you’re a teacher, poor, and/or receiving a benefit. Your time is up. They don’t need any supporters now so they can totally do what they want. Whether their ‘reforms’ have time to bed in and begin hurting the middle classes before the next election we will have to wait and see. The other thing that might help the is Key resigning / being rolled. I suspect Crusher is waiting in the wings ready to spray old tea all over National at the first available opportunity.
  8. David Seymour and ACT are going to be utterly chewed up and spat out by this parliament.

We in the left a grieving for our democracy. I suspect the right will use this time to rub salt into our wounds with some of those classic schoolboy put-downs we all know and love.

Today utterly sucks.

Here’s a picture of the führer and his henchmen to remind you who’s in charge of where we are heading.




4 responses

  1. Agreed, JK must be thanking his lucky stars for Kim Dotcom this morning.. absolutely gutted with this result. Do we need to follow oz and go to compulsory voting? Then again, they voted in Tony Abbott…


    1. I’m not sure compulsory voting would work. It’s almost like saying, “Our democracy is so bad we’re forcing you to vote to make up for that.”


  2. I agree about dotcom, a push against a criminal foreigner influencing while disregarding other morally ambiguous foreigners hollywood bamks usa tppa trying to influence nz. In fact I have since seen a facebook comment saying that this election result is a victory against dotcom, little regard for policy and NZ. Think this may have been a bigger factor than I realised

    The psychological effect of being presented evidence contrary to your belief eg dirty politics vs team key and there is an entrenching of your beleifs rather than an acceptance of facts, and the spin “they all do it” in regard to pollitical corruption outlined in dirty politics, which as yet there is no evidence for cf what has been documented to be happening in the national party machine.

    I think there is a strong cult of personality who would you rather have a beer with article pandering to this and as you say key has the right image read @gtiso’s for an insight to the political machine that is key and probably that most of NZ hear JK being blokey on the edge zm think he sounds choice and that’s the extent of their political engagement. The media helps with this, more time devoted to reporting the polls and asking parties what the polls mean to them rather than policy, headline sound bites etc but that’s what sells.

    A general entitlement or privilege mind set, everyone would be rich CEO’s or entrepreneurs if things were a little different so support those right selfish policies rather than trying to support the most vulnerable who must be doing something wrong and deserve being poor, if I have a little bit more through tax cuts i will trickle some down. I think it’s time to try trickle up.


    1. Absolutely correct on all points. We are heading towards a US presidential style where personality rules over substantive policy. It’s sad but when PR runs the ship, that’s the way it will sail.


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