More thoughts on dirty National

It’s a sad day when you read two polls that have a the ruling National Party sitting at around 50% – a party who, despite their ferment denials, have been engaging in a vast conspiratorial manipulation of the media through bloggers funded by PR people linked to tobacco and food multinationals.

Last week I raised a number of questions with regard to John Key’s involvement in the conspiracy. These questions are legitimate and remain unanswered as National have adopted the Bart Simpson defence – they deny they’ve ever done anything wrong and, ultimately, everyone is doing it and it’s actually someone else doing what we’ve been accused of anyway.

Having spent the last six years blaming Labour for the global financial crisis and prepping the electorate for the (so-called) massive 7-headed monster that is a Labour-led coalition by saying the Greens will spend money like “drunken sailors,” has National’s relentless ultra-negative politicking spooked the electorate?

Do New Zealanders really believe John Key to be that outstanding, to be so utterly wonderful they are prepared to let he and his government of miscreants rule them with smugness and easy-going lies for the next three years?

Do New Zealanders really want Key and his minions to continue to slowly strangulated the country with their failed neoliberal dogma?

Do New Zealanders really believe that what Labour and the Greens have to offer will be so truly disastrous for the country that 50% of them are willing to give their party vote to National who have, so far this campaign, proven to be utterly despotic liars willing to hold on to power at any cost despite the multitude of constitutional conventions being breached to do so?

Do New Zealanders really believe that John Key is a better human being, more morally robust, more ethically upstanding than David Cunliffe, Metiria Turei and Dr Russell Norman? So much so that 50% of them are willing to give National their party vote?

I don’t believe for a second that New Zealanders want a dirty politicking peddler of mis-truths to be their prime minister. So something must be up. Something dirty. Very dirty. It must be stopped.

If you really loathe the current junta you must absolutely vote – even if you have never voted before. Don’t just sit there abusing Key and National for being the morally bankrupt rulers they are. Get out there on September the 20th and affect change. Make your vote count. You have to. You must.

Because if you vote to change the government and there is a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the corrupt practices of the last six years, then the National Party will be incredibly lucky to survive such scrutiny.

And they will only have John Key to blame for that.


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