Key says teachers are “playing politics with your children”

The Prime Minister John Key has today hit out at teachers who he says are playing politics with education. This follows the start of a campaign by the New Zealand Educational Institute against the government’s new Investing in Education Success. Around the country teachers and parents gathered outside the offices of a range of MPs today protesting the use of $359 million dollars saying it could be better spent elsewhere in the sector.

Key said that teachers were playing politics with education policy. “It’s typical of teachers. Every time the National Party release a policy the teachers are out there protesting. They don’t care about the education of your children; they just want to play politics.”

When pressed Key added, “You know, at the end of the day, all the National Party can do is announce these policies. We can’t really control the insanity of the NZEI. It’s clear that they have absolutely no idea about the education of children. Unlike me with years of experience gambling with other people’s money, teachers have no idea about what’s good for education. They just seem to be wanting to bring a halt to any innovation in the sector.

“The National Party would never play politics with something this important. We would never, for example, develop education policy with any hint of ideology. Our policies come directly from the education powerhouses of the United Kingdom, the United States and Sweden. These countries have experienced years of educational success as seen in international testing such as PISA. It’s incredibly important that we listen to the billionaires running those jurisdictions because they have a lot to offer to those people in the National Party who are both writing the education policy and banking the fundraising cheques.”

When it was suggested to Mr. Key that New Zealanders would have a tough time believing that the National Party in the wake of the Dirty Politics book he said, “no I don’t think that’s true. If you ask New Zealanders what they think I think you’ll find that what they are worried about is Health, Housing, Education and the Economy. What they don’t care about is some beltway issue such as journalists questioning me about any possible lies that I may or may not be saying. I, with hand on heart, can tell you that every utterance out of my mouth is, to the best of my knowledge, the absolute truth.”

Mr. Key then skipped out of the room with a definite air of triumphant smugness.


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