The Prime Minister responds again

Hello there.

I just wanted to spend some time to respond to some of the baseless accusations that have been flying around this week.

First of all, Labour need to be ashamed about the way they have behaved. They have turned this campaign dirty by hiring Nicky Hager to write a fake book full of outright lies. At the end of the day it’s clear to me, and to all New Zealanders who care about the issues, that the left are running a smear campaign against National. The left are publishing lies day after day after day. Lies they have stolen from hacked emails. Hacked emails that we wrote.

Second, New Zealanders don’t care about this. New Zealanders care about the important issues to New Zealanders. New Zealanders don’t want to hear negative smears from a negative party. They care more that the Greens, for example, have absolutely no idea about running the country and wear tin-foil hats and just want to tax the shirts of your back. They care that Labour are going to reach into your property portfolio or secret trust and take money to pay for the healthcare and education that you use. They care that Internet Mana are nothing more than an electoral plaything for a nasty German pirate and his evil henchmen who want to steal democracy from New Zealanders. At the end of the day, those are the issues that matter to New Zealanders, not negative politics.

Thirdly, the polls say people think I’m awesome. If you look at the polls we are the kings of the world – particularly me. Labour are not focused on the issues that matter. Apart from education, housing, tax, health, the economy, power, the cost of living, the Christchurch rebuild, Auckland transport, regional development, the environment, Best Start for children, and many, many others, Labour are yet to release any policy at all. All they want to do is play the man, not the ball. It’s clear to me that New Zealanders care about the issues that matter to New Zealanders, not some random beltway issue based on

If Labour and the left want to play that kind of game I say bring it on. Hit me with your best shot. At the end of the day, I’m prepared to testilie under oath to clear my name. It’s that simple.



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