Third #edchatnz think today

Just prior to getting on the plane this evening my new secret mentor (in that she doesn’t yet realise she is my mentor) @chasingalyx decided to head off to the movies as a reward following her hard work this weekend. Not only was she on the steering committee for the conference, she wrote no less than three posts today.


Farbeit from me to be left out of the tri-blog loop, I realised some things a teacher friend of mine said this afternoon were weighing on me.

I stopped off at her place on the way to the airport – my phone merrily chirping the arrival of several #edchatnz tweets during my short stay. I talked about Hobsonville Point and the amazing conference.

Oh, she said, are you talking about modern learning environments? I don’t like the idea of 90 kids in a class. What’s the noise like? I need quiet when I work. I couldn’t work with all that noise. What happens to the kids who are introverted? And what about artistic kids who can’t handle the noise? So it went on.

She cracked my nut.

Masking my rapid deflation I pointed out MLEs are not about huge rooms with a hundred kids who play on iPads all day.

I’m not sure if I convinced her but I did affirm to her what I’ve had affirmed to me all weekend. It was our group’s thought at the #edchatnz face-2-face session.

It’s not about bean-bags, it’s about pedagogy.

You have to have sound practice backing you up. You have to keep up the research. You must have robust systems. You need to remain connected and maintain your connections. Most of all, if you know in your heart that it’s right, then you must do it.

My nut is now fully reformed and ready for Monday.

Mr B.

PS: did I forget anything?


2 thoughts on “Third #edchatnz think today

  1. Hi Mr B,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading all 3 of your blog posts today!! You’re on fire. Like you I’m feeling incredibly inspired, affirmed and challenged by the past two days. Very cool. I’m involved with #chched and we’d love your input so if you’re serious about “popping up” to Chch let us know. We have some big plans for Connected Educator Month and one plan in particular, it’d be really great to have you on board for.

    I couldn’t help but click on your IVF story having BTDT too. Totally agree, most harrowing experience I’ve had, including living through some pretty horrendous eqs! So happy it ended differently for you and Mrs B than for me and my husband- having said that we are incredibly lucky to have two beautiful kids! I’m sure your lil one brings you loads of joy and makes all the poking and proding and tears totally worthwhile!

    Bridget, @BridgetLCM


    • Ok – connected educator month… Would love to pop up to Chch. My parents and brother & his family live up there so any excuse. Keep me in the loop with everything! I am pretty keen to keep the connections going.
      Thanks for the IVF comments as well. It was massive and harrowing. If you want to read Mrs B’s blog search for “purple boon” on wordpress. She tells our story from earlier this year. Sad that it didn’t work out for you.
      Catch up soon!


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