#EdChatNZ conference

I sit here in the amazing library at Hobsonville Point Secondary School ruminating on the happenings of the first (of many?!?) #EdChatNZ conference. Day one was outstanding. What joy will you bring me day two?

If you read my twitter stream of consciousness yesterday afternoon you would have become quickly aware of my frustration at some of the things Maggie Barry was saying about education. I will say some of the things she said were good, or rather, not as bad as some of the things she was talking about. Her big downfall was suggesting teachers had a bad image.

In a nutshell she accidentally summed up the National government’s philosophy and attitude towards our profession. The back-peddling was very interesting to see. I heard on the twittervine that the debate was videotaped. When I find out where it is, I will let you know so you may view for yourself.

Anyway… I could go on about this, but I’m not going to.

This weekend is a celebration. We are celebrating each other and the fantastic job we are all doing. If we don’t do it, who will? Farrar? Slater? Politicians?

The thing I have taken away from this weekend (bearing in mind we have only had half a conference so far!) is connection. I am now connected with a multitude of like-minded colleagues from around New Zealand who all share my philosophy of education. They know where this ship is sailing. While the government sits on the dock arguing about the size of the crates being loaded, we’ve already rigged the sails, donned our life-jackets and weighed anchor.

My first break-out of the day is starting. I will construct my other thinks into something a bit more substantial over the next few days.

Mr B


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