Media man defends himself

Hello there.

I work for a very well-known national daily paper. I’ve been asked, by some of my fellow Press Council members, to respond to some of the criticism being levelled at us from some of the left-wing blogs.

There has been some voicing of the opinion that we are biased against David Cunliffe after publishing criticism from an un-named “Labour insider” who has expressed some f***ing concern at David’s brief holiday in Qu***stown.

I would like to categorically state for the record right here and now that we in the mainstream media are in no way biased against the leader of the opposition.

Yes we often publish stories that are less than flattering to Mr Cunliffe. And yes it’s true that after the release of each political poll we go out of our way to thoroughly question all those Labour Party members of parliament who are low on the party list or standing in a marginal seat. And yes we over-report National’s polling results by discounting the 10-20% of voters who say they are undecided, yet fail to make clear in our reporting that National’s result is actually a percentage of decided voters and not all voters. And yes we could have easily got stuck into John Key for heading off on holiday to Hawaii at exactly the same time as David Cunliffe. And yes we got Key’s comment on the Labour MP after he arrived back in the country as if he is the “go-to” political pundit when dealing with issues from the opposition.

But as I said at the start, that in no way makes us biased. So you can clearly see that we have covered all the bases.

Thank you for listening.


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