Minister welcomes select committee report



Hekia Parata the Education Minister and long-time supporter of quality educational outcomes for priority learners has welcomed the release of a report by the Science and Education Select Committee. The report paves the way for the creation of EduCANZ – the body planned as a replacement to Teachers’ Council that sounds heaps cooler.

Ms Parata says the release of the report comes after several weeks of hearings onto the Education Amendment Bill.

“It was important that we as a government went out to New Zealand and listened to what New Zealanders had to say,” says Ms Parata proudly.

Ms Parata says she was impressed with the many, many thousands of submitters.

“It was clear how strongly people felt about this issue,” says Lady Parata, “and even though the vast, vast majority of people spoke against the bill, we thought it was hugely important to both ignore them completely and to also do exactly the opposite of what many of them were asking us to do.”

Her Ladyship says she is very much looking forward to working with EduCANZ after the independent body has been set up once she has personally hand-selected and appointed all the independent members.

Her Royal Highness says teacher quality lies at the heart of the bill.

“It’s hugely important that we get this right,” says the Lord Parata Almighty, “to absolutely ensure we have the highest quality teachers available, this bill allows untrained and unregistered people in front of our tamariki. There are many thousands of people out there who have maybe dropped out of school or were arrested for something once or are just a little bit strange. As it presently stands these people find it quite hard to get jobs in our schools. This bill will allow just about anyone to teach – and that’s a good thing.”

Parata of the Universe expects the Education Amendment Bill to be one of the first pieces of legislation passed once National win the election with the 55% party vote that every political poll is promising.



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