Why I’m not going on Campbell Live

Look. I just wanted to clear a few things up about my appearance on Campbell Live last evening.

As you know, I refused to appear on Campbell Live last evening and if you’ll just give me a minute to explain, I’ll explain.

Now I’m not one to appear in the national media and spout off about any old nonsense I know very little about. Yesterday was spent behind closed doors with the rest of the National Party caucus – John Key and Stephen Joyce – freaking out. We spent many hours staring blankly at our war office whiteboard but it stared blankly back at us. I mean, it’s not fair. How can we argue to increase class sizes. That would make us look foolish and ignorant – like someone tweeting about the joys of domestic violence from a boxing match.

I couldn’t have appeared on Campbell Live last night because I hadn’t had a chance to read the Labour policy in full. And it’s a long way out from the election and it is a very comprehensive policy that will take some time to fully digest and critique. And actually my dog ate Labour’s policy so I couldn’t read it anyway. And he ate my iPad and several other devices so I couldn’t go on the website and download the PDF. And then I ran into several priority learners and I talked at them about policies to improve their achievement outcomes. And then my dog ate them too.

So you can see that it’s very hard to prepare for an interview when you have a dog so hungry for technology and people meat.

I will, however, talk to Hosking. He’s lovely.

Hekia x


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