Networkonnet: directions for primary education as a basis for budget and election year demands

So many point so well made. Another gem from Kevin Smythe.


Kelvin Smythe, supported by Allan Alach

This posting is intended to provoke discussion and will be changed according to readers’ ideas.

The pattern has been that when Labour is in and is its usual generous self to education, the organisations have typically responded along the lines of: ‘A good start.’ When National is in, and virtually nothing positive occurs, the organisations have typically responded with an acquiescent silence – though when something token is granted near delirium eventuates. The organisation leaderships have been tigers with Labour and pussy cats with National, and the greatest tigers with Labour often being the most determined pussy cats with National.

Phil Harding for the NZPF was in typically pathetic mode in commenting on the budget: ‘The budget was read yesterday and offered little surprise’, he offered. He then meandered to say something about the cabinet process for announcements about the cluster policy, then returned…

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