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Morning all!

With the National-led junta currently marching us perilously close to a parallel society it would be very easy for me this morning to compose a 1500-word essay expressing my dismay upon the release of the budget.

I’m not going to waste my words.

Instead, let’s celebrate the learning of my class.

This week they imagined they were soldiers sailing across the world on troop ships to fight in the great war. Their task was to write letters home to their families.

Here are the results of their labour. After you arrive at the page, just click on a name to read a letter.

The guys did an amazing job on this task. You should see the finished result! They’ve all aged their letters to look like they were written in 1914 (all wrinkled, torn and aged with tea bags and a quick bake in the oven). One boy even copied the Imperial War Office insignia at the top of his letter. Genius!

I think I need to do more of this celebrating. It’s easy to get caught up in the great political football education has turned into in recent years. I need to remember my learners are awesome and that’s why I’m a teacher.

Mr B.


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