Education today

So I came across this post earlier on this morning on the Networkonnet site.

Education today.

If you’ve clicked the link and read the article you will be very interested indeed. As am I.

The other day I encountered a similar issue when I was reconfiguring our school classrooms and students on the e-asTTle website*. After adding a “new student” and selecting “NZ European / Pakeha” as the primary ethnicity and “Maori” as the secondary ethnicity (as per parent instructions on the child’s enrollment form), the ministry-run website coded this child as “Maori.” There was absolutely no sign of their primary ethnicity any longer.

The implications of this are far-reaching, fraudulent and racist.

The inference is that the ministry, and thus the minister, are racistly assuming that those who have enrolled in our school system and placed “Maori” need the achievement boost including other “better performing ethnicities” will give them.

This government set up national standards with great hoopla and fanfare saying it would allow the country to lift the under-achieving tail of all those “priority learners.”

Who knew this lifting of achievement would involve a fraudulent and cynical manipulation of data?

The fact that this isn’t widely known just adds to my belief that this government, with all its secret dealings and wealthy proponents, is utterly corrupt.

Mr B.

* e-asTTle is an online assessment tool used by NZ schools. It offers assessments in the “core” subjects of reading, writing and maths. If National continue in power after the election I expect it to be pushed hard by the ministry.

PS: Unfortunately, as one of the commenters on the original article suggests, “I can see Hekia denying this as ‘official’ practice and slam some poor Ministry underling as having misrepresented MOE’s position on such matters.” Indeed.


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