NZCER survey results

This week saw the release of a triennial piece of research from NICER, surveyed  principals, teachers, boards of trustees members and parents. Here are some of the main bullet points from the NZCER media release:

  • 92 percent of principals and 94 percent of teachers surveyed said they enjoyed their job.
  • 72 percent of principals said their morale was high or very high, down from 87 percent in 2010.
  • 74 percent of teachers reported high or very high morale, compared with 86 percent in 2010.
  • 48 percent of principals reported high or very high stress levels, compared with 37 percent in 2010.
  • Principals reported working 56 to 60 hours a week on average, much the same as a decade ago.

It is certainly unsurprising that teacher and principal morale is falling. We are under constant attack either because we aren’t qualified enough, not working hard enough, or for being intransigent because we dare to question the implementation policies we believe will hurt the children in our charge.

Principals are also reporting higher stress levels. No wonder. This government, so shrill with their cries of “Nanny State” when Labour dare to offer a solution to greenhouse emissions or energy wastage, are so very, very intensely scrutinous of everything that happens in schools. God will strike you down if you do not obey the authori-tigh of her grand highness Lady Gardiner (Did Sir Wira donate to the National Party for that one?)

The New Zealand Herald has comprehensive coverage of the research here and here. Fairfax ( coverage is here. I’ll let your view them at your leisure.

The best piece of news is this:

Parents questioned in the survey were positive, with 89 percent saying they were happy with the
quality of their child’s schooling. Parents of children in decile 1-2 schools were the most satisfied
with their child’s experience across a range of measures (my bold).

As a teacher working under the current junta, it is incredibly heartening to know that patents the vast majority are happy with their child’s teacher and aren’t buying into the government’s crisis mantra. The fact that parents of children attending the lowest decile schools were the most satisfied.

As the NZEI pointed out in their press release on the survey:

That shows how hard-working and dedicated the teachers are in some our most vulnerable communities.

Despite all they are throwing at us we still love our jobs, parents still love what we do and children still love learning in our schools.

The message must continue – a vote for National is a vote against a high quality public education for your child.

Mr B.

PS: Possible right wing attack lines on this research… “This is just one survey” or “The results are unclear” or “That’s still 11% of parents not satisfied with their child’s education,” or “Actually it’s clear from this survey that parents don’t know what they want for their children” or “The NZCER are just a bunch of quacks in Wellington” or “I don’t really care what they think because they’re irrelevant and we’re doing this anyway” or “Shut up. Just shut up.” There you go Stephen Joyce. That’ll be several thousand dollars please for doing your PR for you.


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